Challenges of the PSA Test with Prostate Cancer Detection

What is the Challenge of the PSA Test?

PSA testing does not clearly distinguish between prostate cancer and less serious conditions. False positive PSA tests lead to unnecessary prostate biopsies and the discovery of non-life threatening cancers and treatments that can cause erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

 The Solution: The 4Kscore Blood Test

Challenge of the PSA TestThe 4Kscore test is based on research from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with research and studies conducted on over 10,000 patients. Data was validated by OPKO Health on 1,012 patients suspected of having prostate cancer.

The 4Kscore test provides a percent risk score that is your chance of having aggressive prostate cancer. This test helps you and your Urologist decide on the medically appropriate next step. If your chances of aggressive prostate cancer are low, a patient may, in consultation with his physician, decide not to have a prostate biopsy and avoid the associated pain and complications such as bleeding and infection that may result from the biopsy procedure.

 Who is a candidate for the test?

Any man being considered for a prostate biopsy is a candidate for the 4Kscore Test. Your 4Kscore Test results are a determination of your risk for high-grade cancer so you and your physician can take the appropriate next step.


How do I know whether I have aggressive prostate cancer?