How Does the 4Kscore Test Work for Early Prostate Cancer Detection?

Early Prostate Cancer Detection

Early detection of prostate cancer currently relies on screening with the PSA test, which does not clearly distinguish between prostate cancer and less serious conditions, and as a result many men are subjected to unnecessary prostate biopsies. There are over 1 million prostate biopsies performed in the US each year. Only 20% detect aggressive prostate cancer while 80% of prostate biopsies are either negative or detect a low-grade, non-life threatening form of prostate cancer.

The 4Kscore Test can help reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies, by measuring a man’s risk of having aggressive prostate cancer. If that risk is low a patient, in consultation with his Urologist, may decide not to have a prostate biopsy and avoid the associated pain and complications such as bleeding and infection that can result from the biopsy procedure.


How do I know whether I have aggressive prostate cancer?