Early Prostate Cancer Detection

Improved Detection of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

The 4Kscore Test innovates patient care by improving the detection of aggressive prostate cancer. For patients, getting a prostate biopsy presents significant issues. The fear of having cancer can produce a great deal of anxiety, which is why it’s so important to separate low risk and high risk patients when possible. In addition, getting a biopsy can be uncomfortable for patients, leading to avoidance of necessary care in some cases and anxiety in others. Finally, patients face risks and costs associated with the procedure.

By helping clarify the decision to perform prostate biopsy with more precise information than any other test, the 4Kscore Test can improve patient care on many levels: unnecessary biopsies are minimized, while patients with a high probability of aggressive prostate cancer are identified and biopsied. The end result of clarifying the prostate biopsy decision is better care for patients based on their unique needs and clinical situation.

Client-Focused Innovation

detection of aggressive prostate cancerOur laboratory provides a number of innovations to improve the physician experience. Our expert senior pathologists understand the needs and concerns that Urologists and practitioners often face in the office, which is why we combine today’s information technology with our cutting-edge diagnostic methodologies.

When you’re better able to navigate test results and can effortlessly sort through complex sets of patient data, you are free to focus on providing excellent patient care.

  • Our results connectivity solution, CareEvolve, adds value to your EMR investment. Some of the key resources include:
  • CareEvolve provides an Internet-based order entry and results reporting solution for laboratory, pathology and radiology outreach businesses.
  • CareEvolve’s EMR and EHR connectivity solutions can deliver results to, and accept orders from, virtually every electronic medical record system in the market today.
  • More than 30,000 physicians use CareEvolve daily for Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) and clinical results review.

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Learn how the 4Kscore measures a patient’s risk for aggressive prostate cancer