Making Informed Decisions with 4Kscore at Urology Clinics of North Texas

Greg Thoreson, MD, Urology Clinics of North Texas discusses how his practice utilizes the 4Kscore to simplify the approach of early detection of prostate cancer. Dr. Thoreson says many prostate cancers don’t warrant treatment, and the 4Kscore adds an increased level of precision associated with an individual’s risk of underlying aggressive prostate cancer

Utilizing the 4Kscore at Kasraeian Urology 

Ali Kasraeian, MD, of Kasraeian Urology in Jacksonville, FL shares how how the 4Kscore opens up a reasonable discussion about whether or not an elevated PSA is indicative of a cancer that matters. The 4Kscore helps to avoid unnecessary biopsies, which is a profound change in how we have traditionally used lab tests.

4Kscore Provides Personalized Care at Associate Medical Professionals

David M. Albala, of MD Associated Medical Professionals in Syracuse, NY discusses how the 4Kscore helps narrow down patients that have aggressive prostate cancer. The biggest challenge is to understand whether a prostate cancer is favorable or not, and the 4Kscore helps to identify those cases to make clinical decisions specific to the patient.