What is the 4Kscore Test for Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer visitThe 4Kscore Test combines four prostate-specific kallikrein assay results with clinical information in an algorithm that calculates the individual patient’s percent risk for aggressive prostate cancer. In a prospective, blinded, multicenter US study the 4Kscore Test was shown to have greater accuracy than PSA, PHI and PCA3 in predicting aggressive prostate cancer.  In addition, a major European study has demonstrated the 4Kscore Test predicts the probability of distant metastases within 20 years.

The 4Kscore Test has the potential to dramatically increase the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis in the United States, particularly in its most aggressive forms. The 4Kscore Test should not be used in isolation to make a decision on whether or not to perform a prostate biopsy. The expert clinical judgment of a physician is needed to select the appropriate 4Kscore risk level and integrate other information (health status, medical history, family history of prostate cancer, PSA history, etc.) into the shared decision with the patient about having a prostate biopsy.

Learn how the 4Kscore measures a patient’s risk for aggressive prostate cancer