Who Is the Ideal Patient for the 4Kscore Test Prostate Biopsy Alternative?

Ideal Prostate Biopsy PatientsWho is the ideal patient for the 4Kscore Test?

The 4Kscore Test is especially useful for biopsy decision clarification in patients whose other test results are equivocal. Based on the patient’s 4Kscore Test results, the Urologist can add new, patient-specific risk information to bring into the discussion with their patient, and together make a rational decision about whether or not to perform a prostate biopsy.

Other considerations:

  • Reluctant or anxious patients facing biopsy
  • Patients facing a second or subsequent biopsy
  • Concerns about side effects of biopsy including pain, bleeding and infection
  • Learn how the 4Kscore helps clarify the biopsy decision

Do not use the 4Kscore Test for a patient:

  • With a previous diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • That is younger than 40 or older than 80 years of age
  • That has received a DRE in the previous 96 hours (4 days) before phlebotomy. A DRE performed after the phlebotomy is acceptable
  • That has received 5-alpha reductase inhibitor (5-ARI) therapy, such as Avodart® (dutasteride) or Proscar® (finasteride), within the previous six (6) months
  • That has undergone any procedure or therapy to treat symptomatic BPH or any invasive, urologic procedure that may be associated with a secondary PSA elevation prior to phlebotomy within the previous six (6) months

Learn how the 4Kscore measures a patient’s risk for aggressive prostate cancer