Diagnostic Laboratory Advantages

Diagnostic Laboratory AdvantagesWe know that you rely on your diagnostic lab for much more than just quality testing and accurate results. That’s why, in this rapidly changing healthcare environment, we stay actively focused on the full spectrum of your clinical needs.

For 25 years our clients have counted on BioReference Laboratories and GenPath Diagnostics to keep them at the forefront of the industry. From harnessing emerging technology – to implementing cost-savings measures – to our commitment to superior customer support, we build lasting relationships with our clients by delivering on the issues that are important to you.


You can depend on BioReference Laboratories and GenPath Diagnostics for:

One source for all your testing needs
From routine tests to highly-specialized esoteric assays, we cover all your diagnostic testing needs with 99% of our tests performed in-house for convenient ordering, cumulative reporting and better patient care and management.

 Diagnostic Accuracy

In primary care and other fields, there is a demand for more accurate diagnostic tests that help guide patient care. For example, the 4Kscore Test meets the need for a better method of identifying prostate biopsy candidates. BioReference and GenPath work to identify and develop laboratory solutions for challenges to patient care.

 Scientific expertise
We attract the most outstanding scientists to keep our testing services on the cutting edge. Our medical staff is comprised of more than 40 board-certified pathologists and laboratory scientists collaborating to bring you clinically-relevant, financially responsible testing options to meet your specific needs.

 National insurance coverage
BioReference and GenPath have contracts with all national carriers and hundreds of regional carriers to simplify billing and minimize out-of-network billing issues. We will also help your patients with any insurance questions they have and make appeals on their behalf.

We use laboratory data to provide actionable analytics designed to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. Tracking and trending of disease state management, such as diabetes and heart disease, provider performance management,

 Professional Support
BioReference and GenPath take great pride in the exceptional people who stand behind our testing services. Our clinical pathologists and genetic counselors are available to provide answers or guidance when you need it and our client services department is standing by to assist you 24/7.

 Patient Support
We take patient care as seriously as you do. We strive to support you in delivering the best healthcare services including patient education materials and videos, genetic counseling services, patient advocacy pricing, convenient patient service centers and customer service available in English and Spanish.