Urology Specialty Services

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Specialized Laboratory for Urologists

At OPKO Health, we understand the importance of reaching a high standard, and we incorporate that as a priority throughout BioReference Laboratories and GenPath Diagnositcs, starting with our CLIA  and CAP designation and extending to the Pathologists who work in the labs.

All of our laboratory’s senior pathologists are board-certified and urologic fellowship trained at world-class institutions, and all have been carefully chosen. Our expert Pathologists provide double verification for the detection of small cell cancers and rare cancers, as well as the interpretation of urine cytology testing. As a complete pathology laboratory, we employ over 40 specialized pathologists in multiple pathology disciplines, including genitourinary. Combining our pathology expertise with a full-service clinical test menu allows us to provide your practice with a comprehensive test and service offering.

The 4Kscore Test was developed by OPKO Health and is performed its CLIA-accredited and CAP-certified laboratory facilities BioReference and GenPath. The biomarkers utilized in the 4Kscore Test are based on over a decade of research conducted by scientists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and leading research centers in Europe on over 10,000 patients. With extensive experience working in urologic pathology, we are well aware of the challenges that accompany the decision to perform a biopsy, which is why we developed a more precise biopsy decision clarification tool. The 4Kscore Test uses four of the most reliable indicators, along with information about the patient, to help clarify the decision on whether to perform a biopsy or use active monitoring. With the 4Kscore Test, physicians have the ability to make more informed decisions on prostate biopsy, thus reducing costs and risks without sacrificing quality patient care.