Intended Use and Target Population

The 4Kscore test provides a man’s percentage risk (reported on a scale of less than 1% to greater than 95%) of having a Gleason score 7 or higher prostate cancer diagnosed if he were to have a prostate biopsy performed. The 4Kscore test is intended to be used as a second decision point after an abnormal PSA and/or DRE, prior to performing an initial prostate biopsy or after a negative prostate biopsy.

The 4Kscore test is not a screening test. The information provided by the 4Kscore test allows the clinician and patient to make a more informed decision on whether or not a prostate biopsy is warranted after an abnormal screening result from PSA and/or DRE.

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Learn how the 4Kscore measures a patient’s risk for aggressive prostate cancer