What is the 4Kscore Test

The 4Kscore test is a non‐invasive blood based test that provides a second decision point prior to a prostate biopsy after an abnormal PSA and/or digital rectal examination. It provides an accurate risk of aggressive prostate cancer, allowing for early detection of high risk men, while reducing the number of unnecessary prostate biopsies.[1] It has been shown to categorize long term risk of distant metastasis in men with an elevated PSA, and is included in NCCN guidelines for Prostate Cancer Early Detection.[2] Use of the 4Kscore will reduce the costs and complications of unnecessary prostate biopsies, while identifying men at a higher risk of aggressive cancer, who would benefit from more extensive evaluation.[3]

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Learn how the 4Kscore measures a patient’s risk for aggressive prostate cancer

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