2018 AUA Exhibition:

OPKO Health Focuses Attention on 4Kscore Test

Urologists from across the U.S. and over 100 countries around the globe gathered last month in San Francisco for the 113th American Urological Association (AUA) Conference. With this year’s event attendance topping 16,000, the annual event remains the largest urology meeting in the world. OPKO Health, developers of the 4Kscore Test, seized this opportunity to inform and educate the global urologic community by hosting a prominent display booth in the Moscone Center Science and Technology Hall and sponsoring informational sessions on the clinical utility the 4Kscore Test offers urologists.

Ongoing Research Supports 4Kscore Utility

Building on last year’s momentum at the AUA meeting in Boston, five new scientific abstracts were presented this year in San Francisco supporting the utility of the 4Kscore Test in assessing risk for aggressive prostate cancer. In one abstract presentation, entitled “Prospective Validation of the Four Kallikrein Panel in Academic Clinical Practice,” Dr. Andrew Vickers discussed how, by incorporating information on the four kallikreins found in 4Kscore as part of the diagnostic work-up, the number of prostate biopsies performed may be significantly reduced. In another abstract presentation, “4Kscore Test as a Predictor of Reclassification in Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance,” author Alvaro Gómez-Ferrer-Lozano shared research on how 4Kscore can support individual decision-making in active surveillance.

AUA attendees were also able to speak one-on-one with the OPKO team to ask questions and gather information including:

Spreading the Word to Urologists in the U.S. and From Around the Globe

The OPKO Health team contributed to the 4Kscore buzz at the AUA with a major exhibit as well as sponsoring two educational Business Bistro sessions. In these Business Bistro sessions, “Incorporating 4Kscore Test and mpMRI Into Your Clinical Practice,” Dr. Ali Kasraeian of Kasraeian Urology (Jacksonville, Florida) discussed exciting new research into complementary diagnostics paradigms for detecting aggressive prostate cancer. The events allowed OPKO team to connect with more than 200 urologists in attendance.

In the exhibit hall, the OPKO booth hosted over 600 AUA attendees from the US and around the world. For some, this was their first introduction to the 4Kscore Test and its effectiveness in predicting aggressive prostate cancer.

Thanks to all of the contributors to AUA 2018, the OPKO team had a successful conference educating physicians about the superior predictive results of the 4Kscore Test when assessing patient’s risk for aggressive prostate cancer.

OPKO Health: Improving Patient Lives With the 4Kscore Test

As a diversified healthcare company focused on the discovery and development of novel tests and technologies that improve patient lives, OPKO Health proudly supports the urology market with a significant presence at conferences like the annual AUA Meeting and Exhibition. Participation in these events allows our team to speak directly with urologists and share the latest research that supports making the 4Kscore Test an appropriate next step before biopsy for men with an abnormal PSA.

Based on a panel of four kallikrein biomarkers and patient-specific information, the 4Kscore Test was developed through research conducted at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and leading European research institutions. Prospective studies in the U.S. and Europe have confirmed the effectiveness of the test in accurately measuring a man’s risk of aggressive prostate cancer. With a continued commitment to cutting-edge genetic and diagnostic testing, OPKO Health will continue to develop and bring to market innovations in testing and diagnosis to improve patient lives.