4Kscore Test: A Clinically Proven Prostate Cancer Test

The 4Kscore accurately provides the risk of aggressive prostate cancer, reducing the number of unnecessary prostate biopsies performed annually. The accuracy of the 4Kscore algorithm to provide the risk of high grade prostate cancer is based on over a decade of research completed by scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and other leading international cancer research centers.

4Kscore Test: A Clinically Proven Prostate Cancer Test

The 4Kscore Test has undergone a wide variety of clinical studies in reputable research facilities, in the US and abroad. Some highlights:

  • The 4Kscore was validated in a prospective blinded clinical study conducted at 26 urology centers across the United States on more than 1,012 patients. The 4Kscore demonstrated a near perfect calibration to actual prostate biopsy results, with a significantly higher accuracy than PSA for high grade prostate cancer.1
  • In a landmark case-control study including 12,542 men, the 4Kscore’s ability to predict risk of developing distant metastasis in men with a suspicious PSA for their age was evaluated. Men who had a suspicious PSA and a 4Kscore of 7.5% or less had a very low risk (< 0.3%) of developing distant metastasis within 10 years.2
  • In a retrospective study, where the 4Kscore was provided to 611 patients seen by 35 academic and community urologists across the United States, a reduction in prostate biopsies of 64.6% was reported.  There was a 94% reduction in prostate biopsies in men with a low risk 4Kscore (< 7.5%).3

Additional studies include:

Accurately Identify Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer with the 4Kscore

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men, and it is estimated that nearly three million men are living with the disease in the United States. Having the ability to accurately identify a man’s risk of having aggressive prostate cancer not only saves lives but dramatically decreases the number of unnecessary biopsies, which can be both painful and costly.  The 4Kscore Test measures 4 prostate-specific kallikreins in the blood: Total PSA, Free PSA, Intact PSA, and Human Kallikrein 2 (hK2), which are combined with important clinical findings to provide the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. With  extensive research and validation to back it up, the 4Kscore Test is revolutionizing the way doctors and patients approach prostate cancer diagnosis.

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