Who is the Ideal Candidate for the 4Kscore Test?

The 4Kscore is a simple blood test which analyzes four prostate-specific biomarkers in the blood along with clinical information. The results of the 4Kscore test provide each patient with a personalized, accurate measurement of their risk for having aggressive prostate cancer; information which can be used to help in the biopsy decision making process.

Are you a candidate for the 4Kscore Test?

For many years, doctors and patients relied on the PSA test when considering a prostate biopsy. However, PSA results alone do not clearly distinguish between the risk of aggressive prostate cancer and other less serious health conditions. All too often, abnormal PSA results have lead to unnecessary prostate biopsies and treatments, the results of which can have serious side effects.

If you, or a loved one, have recently received news of an abnormal PSA score, chances are you’re looking for answers. Because an abnormal PSA score is not necessarily specific for aggressive prostate cancer, it is important to learn more about your personal risk. Men with an abnormal screening test result, such as PSA, are candidates for the 4Kscore Test. Together a patient and his physician can use the 4Kscore to help determine whether or not he should undergo a prostate biopsy.

Evaluating the risk for aggressive prostate cancer

The 4Kscore helps men identify their risk for high grade prostate cancer. The stress associated with undergoing a prostate biopsy, in addition to the potential complications, make it critical for medical professionals to be able to differentiate between low risk and high risk patients. The 4Kscore Test is helping to do just that. Patients at low risk can avoid unnecessary medical procedures and those at high risk can be identified and recieve appropriate follow-up.

If you believe that you, or a loved one, are a candidate for the 4Kscore test, we encourage you to speak to your doctor. If your doctor orders the 4Kscore test for you, you can find a 4Kscore test blood draw site in your area. If you are a physician interested in offering the 4Kscore Test, we encourage you to contact us today. Learn more about how this simple blood test is helping to clarify the biopsy decision making process.

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